Pull Lists

Don’t miss an issue of your favorite titles!

We offer pull lists at no additional cost, you can now have your favorite titles put on hold each week as they are released and not worry about them being sold out before you can make it down.

How it works

We will put your pull list titles on hold for up to 30 days, after 30 days we remove the title from your pull list and place the title on the shelf.

Want to cancel or change a title?

Unlike full subscriptions you can cancel and change your title at any time and only have to pickup whatever is on order.*

What we require

We require a $20 deposit for the first four monthly titles and $10 for every two titles after that.  Deposits are fully refundable for any account closed in good standing.*  Deposits are used to cover the costs of delinquent accounts (accounts which haven’t been picked up in over 30 days).


* We have to order titles 2 months in advance, if you choose to cancel a title there may still be 2 or 3 issues on order.
** Please also note that we may not be able to fill your list immediately as we may have to place late orders to try and fill pull list numbers.